Foundation for Earth’s Ancestral Voices

Please Consider Donating to Foundation for Earth’s Ancestral Voices (FEAV)

Established in 1991, FEAV is a 501C3 non-profit corporation whose primary purpose is promoting spiritual and environmental awareness resulting in creating World Peace.  FEAV’s purposes from our Articles of Incorporation are listed below:
1) To establish and maintain a World Peace/Sound Chamber as envisioned and directed by Beautiful Painted Arrow (Joseph Rael).  To teach and chant sacred sounds of Earth’s root language as taught by Beautiful Painted Arrow.  To use this chamber for prayer and meditation—that it stands as a symbol for World Peace and the Ecological Wellness of Planet Earth for seven generations.
2) To provide a facility for the study and proliferation of Earth’s cultural, theological and ecological history.  To preserve and edify the spiritual beliefs of the indigenous people of all the Americas and the ceremonial expressions of those beliefs.
3) To provide an ecumenical center for local community and all others in order to promote understanding among the different religious faiths, constituting cooperation, harmony and peace between all Earth’s inhabitants.
4) To teach and practice environmental awareness for ecological balance and harmony between Man and the planet Earth.

Donations:  Donations are tax deductible in the USA. Make checks payable to FEAV and mail to P O Box 204, Saxapahaw, NC 27340.  You may also mark your donations to be applied to our Elder Relief Fund which helps Elders with life sustaining elements.