Watersong Peace ChamberWatersong Peace Chamber
Periwinkleton Farm – Saxapahaw, North Carolina

The COVID-19 experience impacts us all. Until this notice is removed, we are self-isolating and ceremonies are closed to the public. This is a special opportunity for us to slow down, listen and learn. We are counting our blessings every day and as always we keep you in our prayers. We care about you! If you need us, please reach out by phone or email.

We are allowing private visits to the Chamber. Please contact us to schedule your time to visit (336-212-2625)

With Loving Blessings,
Dawi and Cheryl


It is with humility and deep respect that we acknowledge that we are operating from the stolen lands of the Lumbee, Cheraw, Saponi, Occaneechi, Sissipahaw, Catawba, Eno, and Shakori tribes. We want to express our appreciation for the Indigenous Peoples that have worked and lived on this land for time immemorial. At Watersong, we will always strive to support the lives and teachings of Indigenous Peoples, learning from them continuously to be good stewards of their land.

About the Sound/Peace Chambers

Inside the Watersong Peace Chamber

Ceremonial Chambers have been used for thousands of years by many cultures to provide a unifying force in uniting people in spirit, values, and positivity. The rituals and ceremonies continue to be varied, but the basic principles and goals of developing inner awareness, mindfulness, and universal understanding remain similar. Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, is the visionary father of these sound/peace chambers which are established all around the World creating an energy grid. Only positive energy experiences are permitted and conducted inside the Chambers. Grandfather Joseph’s vision calls for people willing to train in the use of sacred vibration, to utilize the oval shaped chambers, creating and maintaining a continuous vibrational wave of Peace and Light. Vibration is what puts us back in touch with our origins and in touch with the principle ideas that created us in the beginning. The sound helps us individually experience a more profound reality and deepens our connection to all things. This resonant wave of vibration thus becomes energy base which to bring Peace and Healing to the Earth.

To date there are over 70 Chambers in as varied places as Australia, Austria, Bolivia, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Scotland, Puerto Rico, Israel, Germany, Ireland, England, Wales, and the United States. More are under way.

Our Chamber is round and handmade of cinder blocks, rebar and surewall. Hundreds of quartz crystals fill the ceiling, floor, and walls, enveloping entrants in healing properties. The crystals render the space conducive to vibrational transformation with or without sound, creating an ideal meditation space. When utilized with Sacred Sound, the crystals are activated such that you may have the sensation of being in a large crystal bowl. The results can be intense and profound. The positive healing energy can be felt inside the Chamber and throughout the land on which it resides.

About Watersong’s Caretakers and Origins

In the early 90’s, we were blessed to collaborate with Grandfather Joseph in building the first NC Chamber in Swannanoa. We established and served on the FEAV Board of Directors at that time, up until 1998. In 1993, we moved onto 41 peaceful acres near the artistic and quaint village of Saxapahaw, NC. Here, we are protected by the beginning of the Uwharrie mountain range, thought to be the oldest mountains in North America. We named our home Periwinkleton Farm, as periwinkle continues to flourish on the land.

In March of 1999, we began building our peace chamber (which is another magical story in itself), and opened our doors on August 14 of that same year. On that date, we welcomed the “world traveled” Sacred Child Spirit Bundle from the First Peace/Sound Chamber built at Joseph Rael’s home in New Mexico, that was to bless all the Chambers in existence.

A small group of “seed people” provided the financial backing and initial foundation for our Chamber, but it was the support and dedicated work of loving volunteers that saw the Chamber to fruition. From this group of dedicated volunteers, a community coalesced. Since our origins, we have undergone many changes, and continue to grow in beautifully unique ways. Our Chamber, the Land and Water around it, and our Tree of Life continually fills with loving, healing energy. Our Sound/Peace Chamber sits behind a pond that is ideal for swimming and exploration. Floating on the pond is a relaxing and meditative experience. Grassy fields and meadows form the homes of Spooky the horse and Paxton the miniature donkey, along with deer and other wild things calling this land their home. Forested lands overflow with wildlife and surround the Chamber, as well as our log home which is nestled quietly in the midst.

Our Sound/Peace Chamber is used for chanting, meditation, workshops, ceremonies, and Vision Quests. We offer retreat spaces, such as our Hobbit House, to facilitate in unwinding, cultivating mindfulness, and connecting with Nature. Additionally, we offer our “talking porch” (what is said on the Porch, stays on the Porch) for private conversations and consulting about personal and spiritual concerns. Our guests claim to be comforted by observing the wildlife while sitting on the porch, and appreciate the peacefulness of the surrounding forest.

About the Watersong Name and Community

Watersong is an international community, founded in 1999, focused on the ancient teachings of our Native American and Indigenous Elders. We respect and live in harmony with Nature and all our fellow beings. We are mindful citizens of this Earth who make every effort to help others in time of need. We are blessed to be supported and guided by two Native American family lineages, with whom we share mutual care and deep affection.

The name Watersong originates from the name of our Sound/Peace Chamber, a creation of love built solely by volunteers in 1999. It is one of a family of Peace/Sound Chambers established around the world. Our teacher and visionary, Joseph Rael, donned our Chamber The Beaver Clan Medicine Lodge, providing the Chamber with a particular medicine. Both names carry the same vibration.
For more information, email us at periwinkleton@bellsouth.net.