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What Happens When The Night Comes?

Saturday, July 14, 10:00am – 4:00pm
with potluck meal
Watersong Peace Chamber
1262 Privet Drive, Graham, NC

Nancy Basket returns to Watersong joined by Dawi, in sharing traditional stories and teachings to help guide us in our everyday lives!

“Stories are the wood in ancient fires. They burn bright to light the night so human hearts need not be afraid.” Tsonaqua (Anishinabe)

What can ancient traditional Star Stories tell us? How they are interpreted NOW depends on each of us and the Teller’s training. Come experience a day of story telling and unravel the stories’ meanings a layer at a time. In the Kiva-like setting of the Chamber, we’ll have two storytellers and a dream interpreter! You will learn valuable information from ancient stories, actual events and dream importance and interpretation.

Nancy Basket, the most AMAZING storyteller, returns to us from her Kudzu Kabin, and will share several “myths” to be pondered, acted out, and reacted to with questions from a child’s perspective to an adult’s skepticism! Please visit Nancy Basket at the Kudzu Kabin to learn more about Nancy and her many talents. Nancy will also have her unique artwork for sale.

Dawi, a Caretaker of Watersong Peace Chamber (among many other titles), will be sharing stories and wisdom he has accumulated from more than 30 years of being in ceremony and learning from Native Americans. His Elders have instructed him to start sharing his knowledge!

Sarah Haggerty will also join with a discussion of dreams and their meanings, as dreams are more real than what we think Earth life is now. Sarah will teach us how to nourish dreams and bring a sense of meaning back into our daily life. Sarah was the 2012 Winner of the NC Environmental Educators of the Year Award. She is the Program Director at the Eco-Institute and she is the Founder and Director of the Natural Mystery School. You are invited to bring your dreams to share.

 This event is geared for individuals and families, so please bring your children!

RSVP’s are appreciated (even on the day of) but not required. Please reply to this email or text/call Cheryl at 336 212-2625 for more information. You are welcome to share this email with your friends!

• a notepad and pen
• water or drink, snacks
a dish for the potluck (please bring your plate and eating utensils)
• natural insect repellant
• other items needed for your personal comfort
• a financial gift for the experience ($30-40 suggested, but bring what you can. (Financial concerns should not prohibit you from attending!)

 Ongoing Events

Monthly Traditional Prayer Ceremony

Every 3rd Saturday 12-6ish (POSTPONED FOR JULY, 2018)

We invite you to join us in our monthly prayer ceremony. We gather together at noon or earlier to prepare for ceremony and enjoy each other’s company. Following the ceremony we share food and fellowship during our potluck meal. Everyone is asked to bring a dish of food or whatever food item calls to them, as well as their own eating utensils and drink. We do not publicize the details of this ceremony, so please contact us via email or phone (336 376-9000) if you’re interested in joining us in this ancient way of praying.

Monthly Fire Ceremony & Chanting Inside the Chamber

every 7th at 7pm
This ceremony was given to ALL PEOPLE by Joseph Rael, Visionary of the Peace Chambers, to pray for healing for the Waters of Mother Earth (physical and cosmic oceans). We sit in silence around the Fire and as we pray for the Water. After the last flame has gone out, we have the chance to share experiences and/or information that came to us. Please arrive early if possible to participate in preparations for the Fire Ceremony. There is never a charge for ceremony but a suggested gift of $5 or more is much appreciated and appropriate. We invite anyone who cannot physically attend the ceremony to join us by lighting a candle or your own small fire at 7pm and offer a prayer for the Water.


After the Fire Ceremony ends, we will accept prayer requests and pray in the form of chanting a name(s) or for something we want to manifest in our lives, such as healing, peace, love, creating a healthy planet. We invite you to join us in praying this way.

Monthly Meeting Every 1st Saturday,Exploring Story: Uncovering Acceptance, Joy and Enthusiasm

A Transformational Class led by Walton Deva
“Exploring Story is a doorway to Soul Heart Life”
Location: Roots and Wings Farm, Hillsborough, NC
1st Saturday each month from 1:00-5:00pm

Story and dreams are powerful allies in healing.  Health and financial crisis, anxiety, depression, loneliness, sadness/grief, addictions, stress, insecurity, lack of direction and all the symptoms of modern life cry out for understanding and a solution.  In the warm and inviting home of Walton & Lori, we gather to explore whatever is on our minds and hearts, as we grow in a safe and secure environment.  This self-exploring group has been meeting monthly for over 5 years.

Class fee: $35.00 each class.  Pre-registration requested.
To sign up for the class email or call 919-417-7510 and leave a message with email and contact information.

“This class has helped me uncover sadness and grief and grow in powerful ways!  I’m happy to share my experience with anyone interested!” testimonial from Cheryl Braswell.

Monthly Women’s Meeting 2nd Saturdays each month from 1:00-4:00pm:
(Postponed during the summer 2018; starting again in October. If you need us, please contact Cheryl or Robin)

Finding Your Voice, Finding Your Strength, Acknowledging Your Power

“There is no strength or courage without adversity”

This gathering is for women of all ages wanting to bring positive change into their lives. Consider taking part in this powerful process, having your voice be heard (and/or listening to others), releasing yourself from pain and suffering. This support group will help you to hold yourself up, dust off the ashes, and recognize your unique gifts. The Chamber is a unique healing and safe space in which you can share as much or as little as you feel led to. In this process you can gather awareness, get “unstuck,” and realize the goals you have for your best life!

Please join us every 2nd Saturday. We will gather in the Watersong Peace Chamber, a powerful container for healing, from 1:00PM until 4:00PM. Light refreshments will be served. Please dress warmly in layers and bring snacks, drinks and any other items of comfort for yourself. Bringing a journal and pen can be useful. Please arrive early so that we can begin promptly at 1:00.

RSVPs will help us with planning; but you are also welcome to just show up! You may also text or call Cheryl at 336 212-2625 to RSVP or with questions. There is no charge for this healing experience but any financial gifts placed in the jar by the chamber door are an appropriate and appreciated exchange ($10-20+ is a suggestion). Financial concerns should not prohibit you from attending this event.

To learn more about Robin and Integrative Health Coaching, and/or to schedule a complimentary consultation, please visit

Visiting the Peace Chamber

Ceremonial Chambers have been used for thousands of years by many cultures to provide a unifying force in uniting people in spirit, values, and positivity. The rituals and ceremonies continue to be varied, but the basic principles and goals of developing inner awareness, mindfulness, and universal understanding remain similar.  Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, is the visionary father of these sound/peace chambers which are scattered all around the World creating an energy grid. Only positive energy experiences are permitted and conducted inside the Chambers.

Remember that the Chamber and our Hobbit House are available for mediation and retreat time. A “spiritual bed and breakfast” opportunity is also available. Contact us for more information at 336 376-9000 or

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